Echoes of Swing & guests: Rebecca Kilgore (voc), Henning Gailing (b) & Rolf Marx (g)

"Taken together, here are thirteen musical winter greetings which are consistently delightful. They chime particularly sweetly with the ethos of the season. Echoes of Swing & the wonderful Rebecca Kilgore are respectful of tradition but have a verve and an energy which make it completely new. This band's taste is impeccable, their ingenuity is inexhaustible, and their musicality is outstanding. This may be music inspired by a specific season and by a long-gone era of jazz, yet it is precious and timeless." (from the liner notes)
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New album TRAVELIN' (ACT)

Celebrating 20 Years on Tour!

"Most jazz musicians are not just musicians but also travelers. The clubs and festivals of the world are their jobs, to which they are constantly touring. For the Echoes of Swing, traveling certainly has another dimension: The quartet is not only traveling across the world, but also across time. Go back to the classic jazz of the 20s to 50s to take him into the present and to shape it for the future. Exactly 20 years, this tour de force is already on. This must be celebrated, preferably by reminiscing the way: 'Travelin' 'picks up on the road experienced and sums up travel in general: a rousing musical journey around the world. Each arrangement bears witness to profound knowledge of music history, every bar of exquisite taste. But so sophisticated, intellectually thought-out is everything, so little is the entertainment of old jazz school forgotten. Like all previous albums 'Travelin' is steeped in fine humor. So get in on this trip, it is the best proof that travel actually forms: Because style, elegance, finesse, ability to improvise and humor has brought this ensemble to perfection after twenty years of traveling together. "(Excerpt from the liner notes)